FMTX V7 Question

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FMTX V7 Question

Post by joy12110 on Sun Jul 13, 2014 2:41 pm

Hello Harry,
I have a question about your V7 FMTX. I used the oscillator T1 and buffer T2 in my design and there is no L2 at the emitter of T2. Is it Ok? It is feeding a amplifier chain. The output is taken from the emitter of T2 via a 100 ohm series resistor and a 15p cap. If I remove the 100 ohm resistor the audio sounds distorted. What is the reason? Is it ok to operate the buffer T2 without L2 in the emitter? Does it affect audio quality? What is the impedance at the base of T2 that T1 sees? Thanks. Joy


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