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New page on Harrys Homebrew Homepages

Post by Admin on Sun Feb 05, 2017 8:23 pm

Hello everyone (and that means both of you :-)

I have done a bit of moaning and groaning about those 2000 pieces 78L05 and 78L10 regulators that I bought for US$85, and none of them work. A total waste of money! But who needs them anyway?

I have very limited workshop facilities available and I have to build my workbench from scratch. One of the first projects is a variable voltage PSU. Now that I cannot cheat using those Chinese regulators, I have found other solutions, and you don't even need to have a Zener diode  Smile  It is all done with silicon diodes and LEDs. The only Zeners I have are all 15V zeners, and I use those as varicap diodes.

The URL to the new project is

Actually it is but for some reason you cannot address any pages within, but there are plenty of links on to the new project:

Reference > Building blocks > No to Zeners and regulators

I hope that you find the info as interesting as I did when I was doing the experiments. I apologise if I made any tipping errors or got any facts wrong, but the article was written in a bit of a complaining mood; I am English, you know  Laughing  If you have any kweshtions about the project then please post them to this forum "questions" page, and not send me e-mail.

At the moment I am doing 24/7 callout duty for the RF department and I have to go to work at the drop of a hat. This means that I can write online, but not e-mail. You get a faster response from this forum.

Anyway, you can now skip those Chinese regulators. All they sold me was the contents of the factory reject bin. 最好自己做  Wink

Very best regards from Harry

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