Simpler still?

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Re: Simpler still?

Post by Admin on Sun Jun 25, 2017 12:32 pm

Hello Densil,
Yes, there are many ways to distill alcohol, and the ancient Egyptians used a "pot still". It was basically a glazed clay cooking pot with a rim inside the lid, so that anything that condensed inside the lid ran in the channel to a spout.

My first still was an ordinate stainless steel cooking pan, fitted with a glass lid that was too big for the pan. I put a salt-pot under the handle so it leaned about 5 degrees from the horisontal. Alcohol condensed inside the lid then ran down the lid, round the rim, and dripped into my collecting vessel. This can be dangerous if your stove has an open flame.

This "pot still" is the basis of commercial whisky distillation today, only on a larger scale with huge copper pots and a long spout. Just Google it and see the pictures.

Very best regards from Harry - SM0VPO

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Simpler still?

Post by Densil on Sun Jun 25, 2017 12:39 am

hi harry
I was crawling you homepage and saw the stuff about brewing and distilling booze. I know you gave 3 different ways to distill but i thought that the egyptians were distilling grogg for 1000s of years ago and they didnt have pressure cookers, clinkgfilm and deep freezers. There must be a simpler way without lashing out money on equipment. what did they use? all you need to do is seperate the alcohol form the other stuff.
Did you just write about those 3 ways or are there simpler ways you didnt share.?
I hope that this isnt ot but you did post it on your homepages.


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