R U ok now harry?

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R U ok now harry? Empty Re: R U ok now harry?

Post by Admin on Tue Apr 24, 2018 8:05 am

Hi Densil,
I am sorry, but it was not a suitable time for you to call, I did not mean to be rude. No operation, just x-ray, treatment and observation. I am now as "right as rain". Thank you fo your concern.

Clever solution for the 3D printing. Can you take a couple of screen-dumps and share your experiences?

No, Maj-lis is in Spain but I will see her in 3 weeks and we will have another 2 months together :-)

Did you get the datasheet that you asked about on the telephone?

BR Harry - SM0VPO

They say that money cannot buy you happiness. But if you want to prove this by experiment, then I volunteer to be the test-rabbit :-)

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R U ok now harry? Empty R U ok now harry?

Post by Densil on Mon Apr 23, 2018 7:51 pm

Hi Harry, nice to see you back. i been monitoring the board from time to time.

sorry abt telephoning you so late didnt mean to disturb you. i got your number from hitta.se
hows the stomach now? did they have to oparate?

intesting abt the 3d model from photos. i tried changeing an object to editable poly, shift the nodes to lay under a picture on the monitor then extrude. i havent mastered materials and colors so i printed to seethrough projector film and placed it on the monitor then extruded the shape to the picture and sliced off what was left of the original shape. problem is that i have to do it all at work as i havent got 3d-max at home.

welcome back. hope you are recovered. is maylis at home now?

Br /D


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