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E-edit query Empty Re: E-edit query

Post by Admin on Sat Mar 30, 2013 9:07 am

Hi Bev,

Sorry for the delay but BIG things are happening in my life. For example I start a new job next week :-)

As regards your problem I have also read you e-mails. MS-Binary files are raw binary with a header. Most EPROM burner files use ASCII coded binary values. To convert between the two you can use a binary editor.

With a binary editor you can see the binary an the left and the data viewed as ASCII on the right. Nearly all bibnary editors seem to work this way, which is where I got my inspiration.

Screen-dump => BMP
Import into MS-WORD
Save as PDF
Open PDF and copy data to Notepad.EXE

In NOTEPAD you can delete the header and paste laddress number: to the left of the data. I used to do this a lot.

As regards the crash, this is due to my narrow brain thoughts. If you enter a location as "0" then it is not recognised. Enter "0000" and it will work.

BR Harry

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E-edit query Empty E-edit query

Post by Bev Barn on Sat Mar 23, 2013 4:28 am

I have built Harrys eprom progger and it reads eproms OK but how do I
load a file to write to eprom?
I press "L" and it asks "offset (HEX):? :  so I do the following:

 type 0 and it crashes
 type 0h and it says "Re-enter"

What is the offset ,what does it mean? You don't explain.
To me offset means distance from start of E-edit buffer RAM and eprom

Also I see that you progamme the eprom with pos /E pulses.

Does this work for all 2716-27256 ,as data sheets show different pins receive pos or neg pulses?

Thanks for any help

Bev Barn

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