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GSM/UMTS repeater Empty GSM/UMTS repeater

Post by Admin on Fri May 17, 2013 5:57 pm

Hi all,

I wonder if anyone has an old Avitec / Axel or similar GSM / UMTS repeater? The sort of thing I mean is for repeating GSM telephones as used in tunnels and railway carriages?

I know that Axel/Avitec have recently launched a series of new all-digital repeaters with variable bandwidth and even frequency shifting. There must be loads of the older repeaters off-loaded to the amateur market. I only need fixed frequency (single-carrier).

An old CSFxxx or eveb a wideband BSFxxx machine would do the job as I only need max four channels (2-channels per band) or two bands. It is for use in a little Spanish community where there is no telephone communication in the valley between two mountains (La Rabita to Albunol).

It would take a lot of work to build something but there must be old equipment around that will do the job.

BR Harry - SM0VPO

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