R-2R ladders

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R-2R ladders Empty R-2R ladders

Post by electrosys on Fri Nov 08, 2013 2:28 pm

Hello Harry

I'm cobbling together some ideas with the rather ambitious goal of designing a Cymbal Synthesiser - which is somewhat more complicated than just making simple 'drum' sounds ...

So - first port of call was here (naturally Smile ) - as I remembered you had an interesting EPROM > Voice design. But then I noticed that your 'Wav Audio to Eprom' R-2R ladder is different to your 'Eprom AF Generator' R-2R ladder.

Now the latter cct I understand - but could you kindly take pity on an aged brain and throw some light onto why the bottom-most resistor in the first cct is R and not 2R ?

Thanks muchly,



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