GDO-2 question

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GDO-2 question Empty Re: GDO-2 question

Post by Admin on Sun Feb 19, 2017 9:18 pm

Hello Densil,
I am sorry but I do not have a spare meter. The other meter I have a use for, Sorry!!

If you want to get an even better quality instrument then you can try eBay and search for "analog multitester". There you can see on of those cheap multi-meters that have a suitable meter and they cost about $6. They are about 50mm x 45mm. A suitable brand name is Sunwa YX-1000A, but there is a copy called Sunma YX-1000A. Other pirate copies are Rolson and Hilka. I think the meter movement is 200uA or 500uA. You can also try and if you filter with price you will find $7.99 including postage to Europe. Here is a link, with pictures.

If you have a Chinese Bazaar anywhere near you then you should be able to pick one up for a similar price. To use it, then do as I did and remove the scale from the meter movement. If you really need a scale then you can scan the old one and photo-shop out the non-relevant bits.

Have a look around for jumble-sales, car-boot sales and Lions shops. Even the Red-Cross often have old stereo HiFi equipment donated.

Hope this helps you.
Best regards - Harry (SM0VPO)

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GDO-2 question Empty GDO-2 question

Post by Densil on Sun Feb 19, 2017 7:57 pm

Hi Harry
Your new gdo look terrific. i like the meter and it is a bit better than the small one you used on the gd01. i dont have much access to junk electronics so is there a commercial meter i can use. i had thought about a cheap battery tester the those are also very small and i want the big one like what you used.
do you have a spare meter i could have or buy from you. it doesnt matter if it is used.


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